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New Providence
New Providence Art & Antiques
New Providence Art & Antiques have a wide variety of antiques for both viewing and for sale. For a new look at old items and a chance to take some home New Providence Art & Antiques is a must see.

New Providence
Nassau Glass Company
Nassau Glass Company was founded in 1959 as the Bahamas' first fabricating glass company. The company added their new Art Gallery and Home Decorating Center located on the northern side of our original location.

New Providence
Antonius Roberts Studio & Gallery
It is the experience of living, the importance of nature and the exploration of my ancestral African heritage through the process of creation, that moves me.

New Providence
Art and Music of The Bahamas
Roshanne is a portrait artists, who captures the natural dignity of the people of The Bahamas as they accomplisht their everyday activities. She is drawn to our shimmering, crystal clear waters and also paints in soft pastels.

New Providence
Jessica's Tilework
A distinctive selection of ceramic specialty items and a high standard designs. Beautiful vases, ashtrays, souvenirs cups and other novelty items. Jessica also serves as a ceramic instructor.

New Providence
Anthaya Art Gallery & Framing Center
The Gallery offers custom framing, canvas mounting, photo restoration and consignment art. They opened for business in December, just days before Christmas in 2007 and has seen a steady flow of patrons from every community and all walks of life.

New Providence
Third Eye Artworks & Collectibles
Your number one source for limited edition and authentic Bahamian artworks and collectibles. Come in and see our exclusive selection of rare and unique items by local craftsmen, and artists.

New Providence
Dionne M. R. C. Benjamin-Smith
Considered one of the top creative graphic designers in The Bahamas, Benjamin-Smith has designed work for numerous local and off-shore companies in The Bahamas.

Paradise Island
Doongalik Studios
We now have Doongalik Gift Certificates available for purchase in any amount. Don?t stress over that special Valentine Gift.

Grand Bahama
Bahamas Art Gallery
This Bahamian art gallery featuring original artwork consisting of oil paintings, water colours and pastels. There are paintings of all types from portraits, still life, native scenes, marine life, Bahama scenes and so much more.

Grand Bahama
Joseph Cousins Print Gallery
We offer a handsome wood frame 1" in width, with a light cherry finish or rich antique brushed gold.

Grand Bahama
Frost Gully Gallery
If you are interested in real art - art that is inspired, sophisticated and exceptional, Frost Gully Gallery is the gallery for you. Founded in 1966, Frost Gully Gallery is Maine?s oldest, professional year-round gallery.

Grand Bahama
Freeport Square Gallery
Maine has a long history of inspiring artists. The light, the scenery, the energy of the coast, the fields, the mountains, the lakes, the wildlife and flora all find their way into the psyche of artists ? Maineiacs and ?from away?.

John McCarty
It located in Cupids Cay, Governors Harbour, does work all over the island of Eleuthera. He has built homes in Harbour Island, as well as many other parts of the island, and specializes in native Bahamian styles of architecture.

watercolor paintings
We are reproduced using the Giclee printing process because it accurately duplicates the luminous quality of my watercolor washes.

Tropical Arts
Tropical Arts features intricate original tropical landscapes paintings & abstract impressionistic fine art by tropical artist Cyndee Poole, "painting her experiences.

Eddie Minnis
The Bahamas is a beautiful archipelago with a culture of its own. As artists, my family and I try to capture some of this and share it with others through painting and music.

Cat Island
Blue Island Art
For the last 25 years, Nick has been taken with the colors, textures, and forms he found on his visits to the beautiful islands of the Caribbean.

Great Abaco
North - Treasure Cay
Abaco Ceramics
Abaco Ceramics original creations are sure to enhance any home, or home away from home. From dinnerware to pasta bowls and platters, from drawer pulls to vases, lamps and personalized signs.

Great Abaco
Central - Marsh Harbor - Coconut Cove
Conch Pearl Galleries Ltd.
We also have a constantly changing stock of conch pearls and custom conch pearl jewellery. Conch Pearls world wide are a product from a protected species.

Great Abaco
Central - Marsh Harbor - Coconut Cove
Scandi Homes & Designs Ltd.
We have been in business for over 15 years and are experienced in all facets of kitchen & bath design and remodeling. We are located at the Jenco Plaza in Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas.

North Bimini
Bimini All Age School Art Center
The Ministry Of Education Bimini All Age School is located in Alice Town Bimini Bahamas. This historic school is about one hundred and sixty seven years old.

Bahamas Out Islands
Harbour Island
Princess Street Gallery
Welcome to an extraordinarily broad and sophisticated collection of tropical art inspired by Harbour Island and its nearby islands of the Bahamas and Caribbean.

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